I heard she does car commercials, in Japan.

I was in the states last year for 2 months. I went to LA, Vegas, Albuquerque, Dallas, Santa Fe, Fort Worth, New Orleans, Alabama, Charleston, Cocoa Beach, Panama City, Miami , Orlando, Savannah, Honolulu, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, St Augustine, Raleigh, Washington D.C., i can’t remember the rest.

*Still paying back all my debt sadly.

When i was in L.A i was hoping to see someone famous. I have been to L.A twice and never seen anyone famous in hollywood.

I did however see my doppelgänger on the back of a bus. This girl was in a TV show with the gay guy from Will and Grace.

Does that count.

I was just watching a show about doppelgänger’s and transferring photos and documents from my Windows Laptop to my Mac book Pro Retina Display that I bought last week. * More debt.

What are your thoughts on the picture. I for one had to do a double take when I saw it go past. I was sitting on a hop on hop off bus and almost fell out, they should really think about safety rails or something as everybody stands up to take photos.

74938_10152037801199769_159415968_nUntitled copy


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