The Grand Budapest Hotel

AD // TRAVEL // POP features a category called Hotel Humour; I have not posted under this category yet, but will soon. That category will mention funny moments in hotels I have stayed around the world. These moments may be because of people, booking problems, service problems. Post will be G rated through R rated.

On another note I thought it would be fitting to introduce my new category by means of my pop culture section. The Grand Budapest Hotel is a comedy film directed by Wes Anderson [The Royal Tenenbaums and Fantastic Mr. Fox]. The delicious colour palate featured in the films, trailer and posters drew my attention. On appearance the film looks aesthetically pleasing wonderland that had me thinking Sophia Coppola. M. Gustave, the main character, played by Ralph Fiennes was distracting. I have seen films featuring Ralph Fiennes before; although now I am unsure I will be able too look past his role in Harry Potter as Voldemort. Even with his nose intact in this film.voldemort_nose


It makes me wonder how some actors can’t escape their on-screen characters and some can. Star Wars is a great example with the different careers of Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. I do not think this will be the case for Ralph Fiennes however I can see myself comparing M. Gustave and Voldemort throughout the film.

I will post a review of the film soon after I have seen the film.


I also would like to point out my annoyance with the Harry Potter Films. VOLDEMORT HAD A NOSE IN THE FIRST PICTURE. did he loose it sniffing out Harry?




2 thoughts on “The Grand Budapest Hotel

  1. I think after Quirrel slept on his face for so many nights, it eventually flattened. But it was not an overnight thing, hence why he has a nose in the first film. LOL!

  2. Haha. Good point Jeyna. Maybe the turban also acted like a pressure bandage, or spandex. Well that is a new way to get a quick nose job 😉

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