Prince Conti Hotel in New Orleans


I spent three nights in New Orleans or as the Locals say N’Awlins. For the first two nights (pre-tour) we stayed at The Prince Conti Hotel in the French Quarter. I would recommend this hotel to anyone wishing to visit New Orleans. [My parents are visiting in September but it was already booked out by February.

ImageThe hotel is on Conti street which is perpendicular to the Infamous Bourbon Street. In the morning we would get up early have a Louisiana Po-Boy [prawn for me] a coffee and walk to the right outside of the entrance to the hotel. Continuing to walk right around 50 metres and we were standing in the very heart of Bourbon Street.

There were ups and downs to this location. It was extremely noisy at night even on the Monday, and we went out both nights home by around 1 or 2am, Even if you do not like a buzzing nightlife or to party this is still a must attraction to visit.

Another problem with the hotel is although it was situated in the buzzing end of Bourbon it was also closest to all the stripper venues hosting an array of unique patrons lurking outside. I understand this is the charm however being the majority of the shops in the bubble around our hotel this was less then desirable. We chalked it up to experience and left it at that.

The beds were extremely comfortable and the bathrooms though small were great. All I want is a clean bathroom and a shower head that produces very hot temperatures that is not a trickle.

There were few food venues or shops [as us Aussie’s refer to] around the hotel. The closest Walgreen’s or CVS pharmacy was on canal street some distance away. This meant no healthy snack alternatives no cheap booze to drink for pre-drinking. However there were plenty of cafe’s and restaurants and numerous bars, drinking on the street seemed to be ok as well. My friend and I decided New Orleans was not a city forstaying in your hotel, drinking before hand to spend less in the bars. Instead we ventured out and drank and actually found that the price to drink at bars alone was rather cheap.


Bed = 5 stars

Location = 4 stars

Cleanliness = 4 stars

Service = 2 stars

Location to shops[food/alcohol] = 1 star








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