Louis Vuitton Heaven


Bags and Accessories [besides sunglasses and statement jewelry] were never a commodity I had interest in. In the past my purchases were based on low price, fitting a need and simplistic designs. E.g ‘library bag’, ‘laptop bag’, or ‘hold just enough make-up for a night out without over-doing it bag’ etc.

My consumer buying behaviour took a turn when I Google searchedĀ  the perfect carry on bag for my double overseas trip in 2013. Yes that’s right double. The search for the perfect bag became an obsession for a month! The double trip consisted of Europe and the Middle East and then The United States of America, in three months. There was only three short weeks between the trips. Needless to say i wanted to feel organized,stylish and comfortable.

This post is featuring the Louis Vuitton styles i preferred, I will do future posts on other brands as well. I have also featured the agenda in this post as i want to highlight that this is one of the main features of my carry on bag and organization.


I ended up using the Louis Vuitton Vintage monogram speedy 30 [but in the Damier print] for my Carry-On to Europe.

I used the Neverfull MM Damier Azure for my carry on from Sydney to Los Angeles. Coincidentally I still use this as a carry bag for University. After lugging half my gear from airport to airport [I had up to thirty flights in three months] this never gave me a sore back or discomfort.


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